General Information

Introducting the new Tecmag Bluestone--a bench-top imaging console with broadband transmitter and up to two digital receiver channels that is controlled by a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit computer via a USB 2.0 interface.  The transmitter is equipped with fast, phase-continuous frequency modulation allowing robust multi-slice performance in a compact solution for MRI studies up to 300 MHz.

The Bluestone has a high stability oven-controlled oscillator, three axis gradient control system, External Trigger, and multiple TTL outputs. for blanking gradient amplifiers or triggering other instruments.

Advanced System Architecture


The Bluestone utilizes advanced technology from the Redstone system but in a more compact bench-top configuration offering an affordable yet powerful console for MRI imaging work up to 7T.


Image of a cluster
GRE Image of human lung with polarized Xenon

Advanced Capabilities


The Bluestone offers state-of-the-art digital RF performance: fast simultaneous phase, amplitude and frequency control, 3rd generation digital receiver for large bandwidths--together with the EM-III advanced technology pulse programmer.  Some features include:

  • Minimum pulse width of 100 ns with 10 ns resolution
  • Phase switching < 20 ns
  • Amplitude switching < 20 ns
  • Phase-continuous frequency switching < 20 ns
  • 64 Million point waveform memory for transmitter and gradient channels
  • 12.5 MHz (80 ns per complex point) digital receiver bandwidth


TNMR Software Site License Included


The Bluestone includes a software site license for TNMR™ software allowing you to use the same powerful software for instrument control and for off-line processing of  imaging data. TNMR runs on Windows 10 Professional and is pre-configured for your application including an application-specific pulse sequence and a NMRscript® library to get you started fast.